Individual Projects

 SNaPP Lab Honors Theses

Political Chameleons: An Exploration of Personality and Political Conformity

By: Taylor Feenstra

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When Social Pressure Fails: Evidence from Two Direct Mail Experiments

By: Meg Schwenzfeier

Blog                                                Thesis

Disgust: An Emotional Component of Conservative Attitudes Toward Transgender Individuals

By: John Stuart


“Yes”-Women: The Impact of Gender on Agreement in Online Political Discussio

By: Emily Draper



 Summer Research Projects

State-level Ideology and Newspaper Coverage of the Affordable Care Act in August 2009

By: Joanna Borman


Content Analysis of Egyptian Newspapers

By: Yussre El-Bardicy


“Like”-minded Views on the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision: An Experimental Test of the Spiral of Silence in a Social Media Setting

By: Zarine Kharazian

Poster                                     Project Write Up

The Effect of Facebook on Political Ideology

By: Dan Brown


Causes of European Public Opinion Polarization

By: Sahil Mehrotra

Blog                                      Research Paper                                    Poster

Local Newspaper Coverage of Ideologically Contentious Legislation: A Case Study on the Affordable Care Act in Massachusetts, Florida, and Texas

By: Will Evans


The Effects of Facebook Posts on Partisan Polarization

By: Dan Brown

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McGlennon Scholarship Projects

The Impact of Gender on Evaluations ofOnline Political Arguments

By: Michael Payne