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The SNaPP Lab application period is open until April 23rd.

***Please note that you are applying to join for Fall 2021.***

What is the SNaPP Lab?

The Social Networks and Political Psychology (SNaPP) Lab is a collaborative research group, directed by Prof. Jaime Settle but driven by the questions and ideas of the undergraduates involved in the group. Each year, students simultaneously work on an independent portfolio or research project while contributing to an ongoing project in the lab related to Prof. Settle’s active research agenda.


Why join the SnaPP Lab?

The goal of the SNaPP Lab experience is to enable students to develop the analytical, methodological and writing skills necessary to 1) successfully execute a high-quality independent research project before they graduate and 2) plan for and attain post-graduation opportunities (job, graduate school, fellowship, etc.) that utilize those skills. Equally important are the opportunities to 1) work closely with a faculty member outside of the classroom environment and 2) interact with other students interested in data analysis and research.


What is the time commitment?

New lab members must sign up for two credits of GOVT 394 (Directed Research). Returning members can 1) receive up to two credits of GOVT 394, can 2) affiliate with the lab while receiving credit for an independent study or honors thesis, or can 3) be paid for their research assistance.

Wednesdays are key in the SNaPP Lab. The lab meets as a whole group at 6:00 p.m. in the Social Science Research Methods Center. The boot camp series for new members meets most Wednesday evenings as well, from 5:00-6:00 p.m. Prof. Settle reserves Wednesday afternoons from 3:30-5:00 for one-on-one or group meetings with lab members.

In addition to the meeting time on Wednesdays, joining the lab is 5-10 hour/week commitment working on shared or independent research projects. Lab members put together a portfolio each semester that highlights what they’ve accomplished individually and in conjunction with their teams.


What lab positions are open this year?

The needs of the lab change on a yearly basis. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the following positions are open:

  • Lab Experiments Project Intern (up to 2)
  • Social Media/Political Rhetoric Project Intern (up to 2)

See current year plans for more information on what lab members will be doing.



Find out more about what lab members will be doing year on the current year plans page.

Find out more about the experience–Ideal Trajectory for SNaPP Lab Members—as well as recommended courses to complement your experience in the lab

You are encouraged to check out the new Data Science program. The coursework in this sequence would be an excellent preparation alongside your experience in the lab.

What makes for a successful applicant to the SNaPP Lab?

Read up on what boot camp entails



Lab Application (TribeCareers)

To find the position – SNaPP Lab Research Assistant → ID#: 56726


Important Dates

Applications go live: April 7th

Applications due: April 23rd

Interviews: Week of April 26th

Decisions: May 1st

Accepted students must register for GOVT 394: Before schedule adjustment period ends on May 7th

First Meeting: August 2021